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Deep Vein Thrombosis,
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USPTO Patent Pending US 20140041125 A1




Radical New Design - Inflatable Travel Lumbar Pillow.
3 Separate Air Cells. Weld Joined.
Fully Flocked for your comfort.


Any medium to long timed sitting situation.
Planes; Train; Bus; Car; Office


Sitting is hard on your lumbar area.
Good support is critical to avoiding discomfort.
Partially inflated cells MAINTAIN their structure.


Lumbar Support. Foot Support (DVT seated Exerciser)
Soft Base Seat using Large Cell only.
Under legs Support using Small and Medium Cells.
Inclined Office Chair Seat Base for lower back.


7 Different Shape/Sized Pillows in 1.
Use 1, 2, or all 3 separate air cells to
customise to your desired shape and size.


How to use.

Use 1, 2 or all 3 inflatable cells to create the perfect shape for your needs.

• Seriously good support for the Lumbar region during
long seated travel.

• Customizable to suit ANY sized person in ANY type of seat.

• No More Sore Back from lack of Lumbar support.

• Stretch OUT in your seat and have awesome support
from the Tri-Pil-Lo.

• Turn your Economy/Coach seat into a Comfortable Recliner!!

The™ is the best . . .
"Sit n' Sleepin' Solution" ever designed!!!

No more Sleepless, Restless, Frustrating, Aching seated Travel!™ Travel Pillow

= Lumbar Luxury!

Great for use as a Foot Stool.

Tri-Pil-Lo Foot Stool

Tri-Pil-Lo Foot Stool

Assist relieving symptoms of Deep Vein Thrombosis
(DVT or Traveller's Thrombosis) by treading heel-toe, heel-toe, left then right, on partially inflated pillows.
Direct pumping or pushing of the air in the cells from side to side, may also work.

Australian Innovation Patent # 2011101697;
Australian Design Registration # 337408;
World Patent Cooperation Treaty # PCT/AU2012/000452.